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Jeff Quigley
May 20, 2019

Green Mountain Power's EV Unlimited Program Featured in SEPA Report

Earlier this month, Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) put out the most comprehensive report to date on managed Electric Vehicle (EV) charging programs. Virtual Peaker is thrilled to have its work with Green Mountain Power (GMP) featured in the report.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 4.00.19 PMManaged EV charging continues to be among the most dynamic areas of demand side management. The load impacts of EV penetration at all levels of the grid are beginning to take shape, and those utilities (like GMP) that are out in front on EVs will be able to 1) capitalize on load growth while 2) addressing the inevitable operational challenges that come along with EV penetration. Green Mountain Power has designed a truly unique program - one that is likely to maintain the utility's position  as a pace-setter for the entire industry.


Thus, in partnership with Green Mountain Power, we have put out a case study on the EV Unlimited program. The case study hits heavily on the opportunities created by moving load off-peak in the context of a customer-centric program that redefines what utility products can look like.

GMP’s approach to encouraging EV adoption is a simplified TOU rate designed for customer convenience and reframed as a tailored product offering. The structure of this shared-use agreement guarantees that charging is pushed off-peak, while unlimited charging at a fixed cost provides cost-savings for both the participating customers and all other GMP customers. This structure allows device control to be price- responsive for GMP and balances this objective with an understandable program that brings delight and value to GMP’s customers."


- GMP EV Unlimited Rate Case Study 


You can download the case study here.


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