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Jeff Quigley
May 03, 2019

Happy Derby from Virtual Peaker!

One of the best parts about being based in Louisville is happening this week.  Part sporting event, part local holiday, part cultural staple, Kentucky Derby week is unlikely any time of year anywhere in the world.  If it's not on your bucket list, it should be. We hope to see you here sometime in the very near future.


But of course, visiting Louisville is an amazing experience any time of year, and below is a video of our  Annual Customer Forum from this past November. We hope you can join us this year - save the dates will be coming out shortly.


Virtual Peaker innovation forum 2018 revised




Finally, you should know that we were racking our brains to find some linkage between the Derby and energy, peak demand, and the internet of things in an effort to compose a clever blog post. We were unsuccessful. So, instead, let us wish you all Happy Derby weekend!


All the best,

The team at Virtual Peaker


PS - The most important thing to mention is that today (Friday) is a holiday around these parts, so if you are wondering why we aren't responding to your very important emails, now you know why!


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