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Bill Burke
September 13, 2018

The Next Evolution of Virtual Peaker

2018 has been a big and exciting year for Virtual Peaker.


We made substantial investments in our team, our technology, and our customer frameworks. Amid these changes, it became imperative our outward identity better reflect our internal evolution. Now, after several months of work, we are thrilled to announce our new brand.


Designed by our friends at Relay Design Co., our new mark and color scheme uses simple visual elements to tell the world what we are about: change, growth, and the future of energy.


We started with a triangle to represent the universal symbol for change (delta), and incorporated the imagery of a mountain to represent the energy “peak.” The peak, highlighted in orange, is also the mathematical symbol for exponential growth (a caret). The blue foundation element communicates the role Virtual Peaker plays to smooth energy peaks, and represents our commitment to stabilize the transition toward a renewable energy future.

Our selection of Relay was no accident. Just as we are evolving, so too is Louisville, and one of our company’s core values is that we support our city’s rapidly growing startup and small business community. Choosing a local company to do our design work was intentional, and we were dazzled by the caliber of their work.


I’m incredibly proud of our new brand and excited about what is coming next!




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