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Shadea Mitchell
January 10, 2019

Virtual Peaker hosts inaugural Innovation Forum

At Virtual Peaker we are incredibly fortunate to work with the most innovative utilities and partners in the country. So when we decided to bring them together for our inaugural Innovation Form, we knew amazing things would happen.


Virtual Peaker innovation forum 2018 revised


With the promise of big ideas combined with a little southern hospitality, we gathered clients and partners in our hometown of Louisville, Kentucky to discuss the future of this rapidly changing industry. As you’ll see in the video, the attendees took away more than a great experience; they discovered actionable insights and real-world experience to help them drive real change in their organizations. It was a truly amazing event - one that exceeded even our lofty expectations!


To evolve from being a platform for technology to a platform for ideas was a thrilling experience for me and the entire Virtual Peaker team. We hope you can join us in 2019!


Happy New Year!






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