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Bill Burke
May 05, 2021

Team Q&A: Corey Severson – Account Executive

Please join me in welcoming our newest Virtual Peaker team member, Corey Severson!

IMG_2224What did you do before joining Virtual Peaker?


After graduating from the University of Louisville, I worked as a financial analyst and then as an account manager for a company that Wood McKenzie acquired a few years ago. At Wood McKenzie, I transitioned to the sales side after moving to Colorado where I’ve really enjoyed diving into the energy market and connecting more closely with customers. I’m analytical by nature, so my ability to understand complex situations—and complex people—makes me a good listener who can help our utility customers solve problems.


What’s your role at Virtual Peaker?


Based in Denver, I’m an account executive working primarily with munis and coops across the West. I’m scrappy, so I particularly like helping smaller organizations because I can leverage my background in financial analytics, sales, and marketing to make sure it all gets done. Smaller companies tend to be more innovative and nimble, which really reflects what we’re doing at Virtual Peaker—pushing for smarter, cleaner, and faster renewable energy solutions.


What else can you share?


I’m an outdoors junkie. Whether it’s hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park with my fiancée Rachel, rock climbing in Eldorado Canyon, backpacking in the Maroon Bells south of Aspen, or backcountry skiing just about anywhere, I head outside whenever I can. Cooking is another passion, particularly Asian and Italian dishes. Recently I bought a house in the Denver area, and I want to add a new outdoor pizza oven. If you’re in the area, stop by for some alfresco dining!

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