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Bill Burke
May 26, 2020

Team Q&A: Emily Keller - Senior Product Designer

We are thrilled to be joined by our newest team member, Emily Keller! 


What did you do before joining Virtual Peaker?


For more than 15 years, I’ve been a graphic designer, primarily at agencies working with tech startups to Fortune 100 companies. I’ve also run my own business, Emily Keller Designs.


My focus is UI / UX design. UI stands for User Interface, which refers to the look and feel of a product, how it’s presented, and how the user successfully interacts with it. And UX, which is more all-encompassing, refers to every interaction that shapes the user’s experience—from how it makes them feel to how easy it is for them to complete what they came to the site to do.EmilyKeller_USPA


What’s your role at Virtual Peaker?


Basically, I’m creating design systems that help things look good and allow users to move faster and more efficiently to get what they want. This is the first time that Virtual Peaker has a full-time graphic designer on staff, so I’m really excited to establish a process that embraces our products—and our clients’ products—from the user’s perspective.


What else can you share?


Well, I’m a competitive power lifter, and I’ve qualified for the United States Power Lifting Association’s Drug-Tested Nationals. The event is scheduled for Labor Day Weekend in Columbus, so I hope that conditions with the coronavirus improve and we’re able to compete.


Also, I’m from Owensboro, the Bar-B-Q Capital of the World, and we serve the best “church-picnic style” BBQ around. And I love to listen to music, basically all genres, as long as it’s good.

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