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Bill Burke
April 14, 2021

Team Q&A: Greg Ledva – Research and Development Engineer

Please join me in welcoming our newest Virtual Peaker team member, Greg Ledva!

Greg_VP_StaffWhat did you do before joining Virtual Peaker?


I spent time in Rome while I was in college and I’ve always loved to travel, so after studying mechanical engineering at Penn State I headed to Switzerland for a master’s degree in energy science and technology at a university in Zurich. While there, I worked as a software developer for a tech company called Adaptricity that was spun off from the university.


Back in the States, I was a business development consultant for a wireless charging technology company in Vermont called Resonant Link. I also developed device controls and worked on other projects as a research fellow at the University of Michigan, the same place where I got my doctorate in electrical engineering systems.


What’s your role at Virtual Peaker?


I enjoy solving multi-layered problems and figuring out complex puzzles. As the research and development engineer at Virtual Peaker, I’m able to leverage my research and commercialization background to think through what businesses need. From there, we develop algorithms and approaches that boost capabilities and add controls to our software. We’re always looking for new ways to increase value for our customers.


What else can you share?


Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, or standup paddleboarding, I like to stay physically active. I lift weights on a regular basis after taking up powerlifting while I was in Switzerland. During my time there, I also learned to speak Swiss German and explored Europe by train. That sense of adventure motivated me to backpack around Southeast Asia, exploring Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos.


When I lived in Ann Arbor, I played flanker for the Michigan Rugby Football Club, a men’s Division III team that is separate from the University of Michigan rugby team.

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