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Bill Burke
July 01, 2020

Team Q&A: Jorge Saucedo - Junior Software Developer

We are thrilled to be joined by our newest team member, Jorge Saucedo! 


What did you do before joining Virtual Peaker?


I became interested in web development back in 2016 through classes I took at Code Louisville. That experience helped me get a full-time job as a front-end web developer for Highview Baptist Church. Code Louisville is also where I met my mentor, Joey Mudd, who is now my boss.


What’s your role at Virtual Peaker?JorgeSaucedo_1


At the beginning of this year, I started an internship as a software developer at Virtual Peaker. Now I’m a full-time Junior Software Developer helping my colleagues build and road test software. It’s a great team environment and we all work together closely to find the best solutions for our customers.


What else can you share?


I grew up in Uruguay and came to the United States to go to college, attending Northland International University in Wisconsin and then Boyce College here in Louisville. I did coursework towards a Master of Divinity degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, also in Louisville.


Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved playing soccer and I still enjoy going to the park to join in pick-up games. In college, I was honored to be named a three-time All American and the NCCAA Division II player of the year in 2013. As a forward, I broke the league record during my senior year scoring 45 goals. Now I’m excited to be a part of my new team at Virtual Peaker!

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