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Bill Burke
April 23, 2019

Distributed Energy Tops Utility Wish Lists

PV Magazine’sNearly Half of Utilities Globally Exploring Distributed Energy Management Systems” highlights Virtual Peaker (with PXiSE, GE, and Hitachi) as one of the companies developing distributed energy resource management (DERM) solutions. We’re humbled to be in such good company.


The article reports on a study from Deloitte, a leading global provider of business and consulting services, titled Digital Innovation: Creating the Utility of the Future. When the utility leaders taking the survey were asked what digital technology capabilities power companies will be exploring in the next one to two years, the top answer – selected first by 44% of respondents – was developing DERM solutions.


In a separate study from Navigant published in Utility Dive, residential demand response is expected to more than triple in the next decade. The U.S.-based consulting firm noted that “new technology and use cases are driving the growth of residential demand response programs as utilities look for help integrating renewables and reducing expensive peak load.” And the largest capacity for expansion is in North America.


We couldn’t agree more. We see the same growth in residential DR programs happening here, to smaller munis and coops who want to reach into the cloud to benefit their rural customers.


Together, we’re building momentum, and we’re thrilled to offer scalable, rapidly deployable solutions that allow our customers to harness this exciting technology.


Stay connected.

-- Bill


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