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Jeff Quigley
May 15, 2019

Virtual Peaker @ AEP IlluminationLab

Every day, utilities face new challenges to innovate and manage a constantly changing energy landscape for customers and members. 


That’s one of the reasons Virtual Peaker has been so excited to participate in American Electric Power’s (AEP) IlluminationLAB bootcamp this week. AEP operates the nation's largest electric transmission system and is constantly seeking innovative and competitive energy solutions. To be one of 16 companies selected this week (out of more than 500!) has been a true privilege.



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Technology startups chosen to participate in the IlluminationLAB bootcamp have addressed four key areas: customer experience; grid optimization; electric mobility, efficiency, operations and maintenance and data / analytics. The bootcamp teams, including Virtual Peaker, have had the opportunity to work with AEP leaders, the team from EPRI, as well as utilities from throughout the US.  We've also made connections with some other amazing companies this week, including PickMySolar, Ario, and People Power.



Virtual Peaker is no stranger to these types of events - In 2016, we were one of five winners in Green Mountain Power’s (GMP) Inspire Space competition. Following the contest, GMP selected Virtual Peaker’s software to run its most innovative programs, including their Bring Your Own Device and EV Unlimited programs.


Many thanks to the team at AEP for inviting us to participate in this amazing event!


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