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Jeff Quigley
October 07, 2019

Virtual Peaker Partners Maximize Distributed Energy Resources

Virtual Peaker is proud to be partnering with three of the innovative companies mentioned in a Utility Dive article focused on how DERs are flattening load peaks across the Northeast.


Green Mountain Power’s DER programs have netted more than 2,700 customers—and 11 MW of DER assets—including customer-owned batteries, EV chargers, water heaters, and heat pumps. The battery programs alone generated more than $800,000 of net value in grid services.


We help ReVision Energy connect to the grid with device programs that not only generate energy, but also generate value for utilities and their customers.


And at PSEG-LI, Virtual Peaker is one of the aggregators participating in a new program to lessen energy use and reduce the potential need for new infrastructure.


With these three customers, and many more, managing and maximizing storage is one of the keys to success. The accompanying Rocky Mountain Institute graph shows just how important battery storage is, with up to 13 services that they can provide to customers, utilities, and the ISO.


RMI Picture


Virtual Peaker’s BYOD programs can provide a range of benefits for customers, the power system, and the environment.


Contact us to ask for a demo or speak with our customer support team.

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